City of Shelbyville Alcohol Licensing

Temporary ABC License Process

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When applying for an Alcohol License, there are a couple of steps that must be followed before one can be issued.  Follow these steps and the process should be smooth.

- Research what kind of license you need before spending money on one that is more than you want. (If fundraising and alcohol is being used as an auction item, a special alcohol auction license is required.  This license is also required for non-profits and Charity Organizations to host auctions.    

-  Familiarize yourself with all applicable fees before making the application.

-  Submit an online application with the Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.  

-  Contact the Shelbyville Police Department to obtain a copy of the local application.

-  Both the State and Local licenses require certain documentation required by the Kentucky Revised Statues for issuance of an alcohol license.

                                       -Filled out State Application:

                                       -Criminal Background check on all applicable persons (either through KSP or AOC):

                                       -Copy of Newspaper ad:

                                       -Copy of Lease if Applicable:

                                       -Copy of Articles of Organization:

                                       -Copy of City Business License:

                                        -Answered and Signed in all applicable spaces:

When submitting an application for either a temporary or permanent license, please allow at least 2 weeks for processing.  A license cannot be applied for, approved and issued in a short amount of time.

After the local administrator has approved the ABC license, the State will issue their license.

The final step is to contact the City Clerk to pay for the local ABC license.

Contact Julee Snyder with the Shelbyville Police Department for any assistance during the application process.  Attached is a link to the State ABC website for frequently asked questions regarding licenses.