Business / Tax Information & Forms

Business License

An occupational license application is required for every person and business entity engaged in any business in the city before the commencement of business. The application form can be downloaded on the Administration link. Other forms relating to your business may also be found on this link.

Financial Incentives for New Businesses
The city may waive the city business license fee for 2 years for new businesses locating in the downtown district. The district includes Main Street, Washington Street, and Clay Street on both sides from 11th Street to Clear Creek Bridge and all cross streets. Only businesses which would be beneficial and enhance our downtown area would be considered for the incentive.

Financial Incentive Application for New Business (PDF)

Tax Rates

City Tax Assessments were mailed out on September 30, 2022. The base amount is due on or before November 30, 2022. A 10% penalty will be added December 1, 2022, and 6% interest per annum until paid. If you have questions concerning your City of Shelbyville Property Tax, you may call the tax office at 502-633-8000.

Look up your City of Shelbyville Property Taxes!

  • Ad Valorem Property Tax Rate: 26.1 cents per $100 assessed value
  • Net Profits - 1% Fee with Minimum and Maximum as below
    • Maximum: $7500
    • Minimum: $75
  • Personal Property Tax Rate: 35.57 cents per $100 assessed value
  • Quarterly Occupational Tax: 1.5%


Request a Copy of License

If you wish to receive a copy of your business license, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the application.

Deadline Extension

If you are unable to meet the filing deadline; you may request an extension period of six months by mailing in a copy of Federal Extension Form 7004. This form must be accompanied by a deposit of $75, which will be applied to your account and waives penalty and interest.

State OLS Form

The City of Shelbyville prefers the use of the Renewal / Net Profits form (PDF) as it better demonstrates our tax provisions. However, we do still accept the state’s OLS form which may be found on the state website.

All forms must be must be printed and mailed to City Hall.